L. E. Hudec (1893-1958), the famous architect who build the first skyscraper of Asia, was born in Banska Bystrica and studied in the Technical University of Budapest. He arrived to Shanghai 100 years ago, in 1918 with no name and no money but soon he found his success. He brought along a rich knowledge of European architectural styles, a huge experience gained from his father’s construction projects, and also a natural feel of business.


In a mere seven years he managed to launch his own company and within a further ten years he designed the city’s two most emblematic buildings: the Grand Theatre (1933) and the Park Hotel (1934). His oeuvre demonstrates a wide range of European genre: from historical revivalism through Art Deco and Expressionism and Modernism.


The Hudec Culture Walks one day program will be held on the 60th anniversary of L. E. Hudec’s death and willing to introduce Hudec-related cultural heritage in the region with participation of Slovakian, Hungarian and Chinese experts, local people concerned and invited skate holders.


The program is a joint event of the Hudec Memorial Year 2018-2019 commemorating his birth 125 years ago, his arrival to Shanghai 100 years ago and his death 60 years ago.




On 26th of October, Friday



departure from Budapest with tourist bus (HU)


visiting Vyhne chapel (SK), the only European building designed by L. E. Hudec


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lunch in Banska Bystrica, in Beniczky-House.

The Renaissance building was owned by the family Beniczky of Miczina.


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guided tour to Hudec related buildings in Banska Bystrica (SK)

The family house (designed and built by György Hugyecz)

The Spáth Villa, (designed and built by György Hugyecz)

“Hungaria”, City Bank (built by György Hugyecz


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wreath ceremony at the Hudec family tomb in the Lutheran Cemetery in Banska Bystrica.


individual city walks


sandwich dinner


departure from Banska Bystrica to Budapest with tourist bus

The programs are FREE but REGISTRATION is needed.
Places are limited to 25 participants.


National Cultural Found of Hungary



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